Communication style How to know your style, how to adapt and how tips

Hi guys My name is Fatimah Az Zahra and welcome to my youtube channel

Today I want to share about Communication style.

By this article, we want to know:

  1. Knowing Definition of Communication
  2. Type of Communication style
  3. And How to enhance your communication style

So what is communication? Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages through verbal and nonverbal means

As seen in the following illustration, there is a communication process in which the woman as the sender wants to give a message to a man. When the message is received, the man as the receiver starts processing the information and finally gives a response in the form of thank you feedback.

After we know what is communication,there are several communication style. Each individual   has a different style of communication. 

Before we know what is communication style, you can pause this video and go to this link to fill out communication style quiz to know what is your communication style. 

Hi welcome back. how was the test? what is your communication style? Before we discuss more about communication style, I tell u guys why we should know about communication style. 

There are Benefit of knowing communication style

Communication style is very important in building effective communication skills. It can help us to understand your own particular communication style so you can match your communication style with your audience. It also help you to :

1. Learn how to identify the communication style and adapt with others in the way to Effectively engage you to new audience, Which make it easy for you to close with them

2.  And also it can help you to Build strong relationships and avoid conflict.

3. In the workplace, effective communication helps to minimize workplace stress, increase productivity and build strong relationships with your coworkers.

There are four communication styles based on emotional level and form in communication such as : Analytical, Intuitive, Functional and Personal.

1. Analytical

Analytical communicators are unemotional but linear. Analytical communicators emphasize hard data, numbers, and facts. If you are analytical, you tend to interpret issues logically and approach issues with an objective point of view.

There are some tips for u such as For u guys who have analytical communication style, When interacting with others, it is important to you to not easily emotional or irritated, because people may not have the same communication style as you And if you work with an analytical communicator, you have to provide the detailed data and facts as much as possible.

2. Intuitive

Intuitive communicators are unemotional and free form. Intuitive communicators see the big picture or end result of things only. Their communication style is quick and to the point


If you are an intuitive communicator, you have to recognize your difference in perspective and try your best to keep your patience when you encounter a situation that requires going into detail.

If you are work with them, you have to know that They want bottom-line communications that are short and to the point, so be sure to give short and direct instructions.

3. Functional 

Functional communicators are emotional and linear. Functional communicators like to discuss the step-by-step processes to ensure that a well thought out timeline is planned and executed.

In roles such as Project Managers or other leadership positions, this style of communication can be extremely beneficial. They like to control the proses so give them process-oriented and linear communications that start at A, and then flow from B to C and all the way to Z.

When working with a functional communicator, you have to  actively listen and be prepared to discuss specific details. If you are a functional communicator, be aware of other communication styles or you will lose your audience.


Personal communicators are emotional and freeform. This communication style is very effective in building relationships with others as they value the emotional aspect of communication. They can easily build emotional connections, relationships and know how people feel and how they think. 


You have to know that They want to establish an interpersonal relationship, so use emotional language in an informal, friendly and warm way. Their emotion is high so be sure to choose your words wisely because it will impact their feelings.​

When working with a personal communicator, it is important to keep conversations casual and Avoid only sticking to the facts and figures when discussing projects with personal communicators or they will quickly become uninterested and frustrated.


No one communication style is inherently better than another.  it is important to recognize what is your communication style and your audience. Because it is the key to build effective communication. Whether you’re speaking with your boss, a small sales meeting, your employees or an audience. 

By this material, we also can Learn to build a flexible communication depending on audience communication style. 

Thats all for me. Thank you for watching.

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