Rediscovering strategy as a resource for developing organizational change helps encourage public administration to continue into the future by promoting organizational dimensions that support improving the quality of people as human resources, strengthening managers as leaders and public servants as committed employees and working for public service.

Sustainable public administration improves performance, supports public trust and enhances democracy. Rediscovering the organizational dimension as a means to develop in public administration helps develop ethics and organizational culture in public administration and supports people to adopt new values, attitudes and behaviors. encourage in public misconduct on encouraging behavioral and human dimensions to support the change process and advance policies and initiatives that lead to ethics in public organizations. 

Promoting effective management requires people who are able to behave as ethical and transformational leaders who motivate, support and encourage employees in the workplace. Investing in human resources needs to develop education and training programs and policies that contribute to maintaining public service motivation and enhancing the competence of employees who adopt behaviors and adopt values ​​to drive a sustainable and ethically oriented process of innovation and change in public administration as an effective organization. serve the public interest and create value in society.

Subject(s): Human Resources in Economy

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Keywords: sustainability; public administration; organizations; human resources;

Encouraging Sustainable Public Administration


Author(s): Mauro Romanelli

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