Purpose: the aim of the study is to develop recommendations for assessing the state of investments financing into fixed assets at the regional levels on the basis of differentiation of sources of funds.

Design/methodology/approach: a general scientific system approach to the study of the phenomenon, econometric and statistical methods for leveling time series, their analytical smoothing, as well as an extrapolation method were used as the methodological base of the study. The empirical base of the study was the official statistics and calculated data obtained by the authors. 

Taken together, these research methods ensured the reliability of economic analysis and the validity of the conclusions formulated in the paper. Findings: the proposed methods for analyzing trends and forecasting the volume of investmentsbased on structured approach to investment financing sources allow analyzing the role of each source in the dynamics of investment financing, identifying sources with growth potential and negative dynamics, and evaluating the role of a particular source . Analysis of the quality of forecasts for the federal districts indicates sufficient forecast accuracy and the possibility of itsuse in strategic planning of the socio-economic development of the region.

Research/practical implications: the authors proposed a new approach to forecasting investment financing, based on differentiating sources of funds. Originality/value: in contrast to the approaches adopted in the Russian practice of forecasting, focused on the integrated forecasting of investments by types of financing (own, state, loan), the author’s approach ensures the formation of the forecast in the context of sources of different types of financing for each region. The results can be used by experts and specialists investment strategic planning, in the development of strategic and current investment plans in the region.

Subject(s): Social Sciences, Economy

Published by: Vysoká kola Ekonomická v Praze

Keywords: Investment financing; finance sources; analysis of tendencies; forecasting

Forecast of Investment Financing in Russia in Terms of Funding Sources


Author(s): Valentina Edronova, Daria Maslakova


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