Objective: This study aims to determine which leadership style is more related to the application of Diversity management and which leadership style is more influential. In addition, this study aims to determine whether there are differences in the level of application of Diversity management practices related to HR managers.

Design/methodology/approach: A questionnaire was designed and distributed to the Human resource managers and middle-level managers in the big Egyptian companies the data collected in 2018. The questionnaire was sent online to 150 HR managers, 103 questionnaires were returned with response rate 68.6% the companies’ list was taken from the Egyptian exchange market.

After collecting data, a face validity, normality test for metric variables, and reliability test were done to check the data validation. One-way ANOVA, hierarchal regression analysis and correlations were applied to fulfill the research aims. Findings: The results showed that implementing diversity management can be determined from the leadership styles, but the age, work experience, and gender couldn’t determine this.

On the other hand, the age of leaders, their work experience did have an effect on the relationship between leadership style and diversity management, also, it was found that most of the men are transactional leaders, most of the women are transformational leaders. Research/practical implications: The study provides observations from the perspective of an Egyptian emerging economy.

Originality/value: This study provided an attempt to figure out the types of leaders prevailing in the Egyptian companies and what the relationship between the leaders’ characteristics and their implementation of diversity management which could be considered a new study in this research area.

Subject(s): Social Sciences, Economy
Keywords: Diversity management, leadership styles, ages, gender, work experience

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Author(s): Ayiman Alshaabani

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